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Looking for help with your WordPress site?

Below you'll find 3 ways you can work with me and my team. We offer website strategy, web design, and WordPress maintenance plans.

WordPress Help

Maintaining your WordPress site on your own can keep you up all night…and most of the day. Why not hire my team so you don’t have to? Choosing a Support Concierge Plan is the best way to guarantee that your site stays backed up, up-to-date, and malware-free!

Website Strategy

The Website Strategy Workshop is the first step to building a website that gets results. Together, you and I will take a deep-dive session into your marketing goals and create a website plan that ensures you're achieving your revenue goals + making a profit.

VIP Intensive

Are you using your website to its fullest potential? A VIP Intensive will help you uncover missed opportunities in your marketing funnel, create a system for tracking your most important analytics, optimize your site for more conversions, and maximize your site's profits. 

Meet the WordPress expert

Hi. I’m Karmen, the mastermind behind it all.

Five years ago I stumbled upon WordPress and never looked back. What started out as an accident ended up becoming a full-blown web design agency.

After exclusively offering design services to my clients for years I begin to notice a big problem within the WordPress community. Clients would walk away with beautiful websites just to end up completely broken a few months later.

And it wasn’t just my clients experiencing this but also business owners everywhere who depend on their WordPress sites to grow their business.

Once I realized this problem I decided to become the solution by helping business owners manage and support their WordPress websites.

Karmen Kendrick | WordPress Website Management Services


Helpful Templates & Tools

  • Site Blueprint Workbook

    Site Blueprint Workbook

  • Services & Pricing Guide Canva Template

  • Link in Bio Layout


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