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24 WordPress Plugins EVERY Business Owner Needs

I created this guide to share the plugins and tools that have helped me optimize my site for search engines and sales. Signup below to grab your copy!

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Looking for help with your WordPress site?

Below you’ll find 2 ways you can work with me. I offer one-time support with my 1:1 WordPress Support service or ongoing support with my Support Concierge plans.

1:1 WordPress Support

You’re looking for one time help with your WordPress site. This could be for technical support or just general help.

WordPress Website Management

What would it mean if you could delegate your website updates to me so you don’t have to be glued to your laptop?

Karmen Kendrick | WordPress Website Management Services

If you’re running your business then …

Who’s maintaining your website?

What would it mean if you could easily update your website and add new features without being glued to your laptop, constantly running into roadblocks and new issues, or wasting time researching the best way to do X on your website?

Maybe you’ve tried to do one or all of the following things:

You’ve tried to contact your hosting company with no luck other than them telling you to contact the theme or plugin developers.
You’ve tried using sites like Fiver or Upwork, but you never get what you ask for and the communication barrier plus time zone difference makes it impossible to get things done.
And lastly, you’ve tried doing it yourself, but you don’t have time or the expertise to diagnose problems and get things resolved before your clients notice it.

Sounds like you?

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Meet the WordPress expert

I’m Karmen. To say WordPress is my passion is an understatement.

Five years ago I stumbled upon WordPress and never looked back. What started out as an accident ended up becoming a full-blown web design agency.

After exclusively offering design services to my clients for years I begin to notice a big problem within the WordPress community. Clients would walk away with beautiful websites just to end up completely broken a few months later.

And it wasn’t just my clients experiencing this but also business owners everywhere who depend on their WordPress sites to grow their business.

Once I realized this problem I decided to become the solution by helping business owners manage and support their WordPress websites.

Karmen Kendrick | WordPress Website Management Services

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