I help up and coming lifestyle bloggers + creatives launch intentional brands that reach their ideal audience and create better opportunities online.

About Me


I’m a Brand Designer and Strategist that specializes in Brand Identity Design, WordPress Web Design, and Online Strategy for professional bloggers. The funny thing is that I never intended to become a designer when I launched my online business in 2012. Being financially challenged with a cash flow heavy business I had to get creative, literally, to save money and keep my business afloat. Although I decided to end that business in 2016, I walked away with a lot of business lessons learned and some amazing design skills that helped me launch this business.

And that’s exactly what being an entrepreneur is all about! Sometimes you mess up and make mistakes, but as long you’re learning you’re never a failure. My goal is to help you make less mistakes and more money early on in your business. I do this by helping you design an intentional brand that goes beyond what you see visually. So whether you hire me or just stick around for the free advice, you will learn a tremendous amount of knowledge about good design and branding that attracts the audience you want for your business.

Clients Be Like

If you are starting a blog or website and don't have Karmen in your life then you need to contact her ASAP! I reached out to Karmen at 8am on a Sunday and within minutes, what took me hours to learn she completed in 20 minutes(I am not tech savvy). Karmen didn't make me feel silly but educated me on what to do and corrected the issues in a very personable and professional manner.

-Akida Mann of KidaDaDiva.com

I love my website and I really appreciate the insight Karmen provides. Shortly after my website launched I ran into some tech issues and hired her again for technical support. She quickly resolved my issues and created custom video tutorials that helped me understand how to maintain my website. I look forward to working with her again!

-Kelly Gilyard of Suuflay.com

Work With Me


You’re here because you’re over the DIY phase, and you’re ready to work with a professional to redesign your brand. You feel good about your content, but you know your brand needs some work to truly reach the big brands you really want to work with.
Here’s my short list of my services, but feel free to inquire if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Custom WordPress Website & Blog Design

WordPress Theme Design

Website Audits for DIY Designed Websites

Technical Support

Business Coaching via Office Hours

WordPress Support Plans

My mission is to build you a brand that reflects you and attracts the right audience. We'll work together to create that makes an impact and income online.

You need a website that sets the right tone and makes you feel confident. I design WordPress websites that make you shine and send the right message.

Even if you decide to do it on your own, you should do it with style and help. Shop my collection of Wordpress Themes, Branding Kits, and Social Graphics.

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On The Blog


How To Write The Perfect Copy for Your Website Home Page

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Let’s work

Hey girl! Is your DIY brand or website holding you back from bossing up and becoming the go-to influencer for your industry? Do you ever creep on your fellow blogger’s websites and feel a little envious of their beautiful designed site compared to yours? Are you constantly tweaking your website more than posting to your blog?

If you answered yes to all of those questions then that’s your proof it’s time to step your game up. Please understand me when I say people are hella shallow when it comes to websites. So if yours isn’t up to par then you’ve already been eliminated. No worries tho! I can help you change that.


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Got something you want to chat about? I’m totally open to sponsorships, partnerships, or even grabbing a coffee.

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