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I could talk about myself in this space and tell you how great I am at what I do. But honestly it’s all about you! If there was a song out there that could describe your decision to pursue online entrepreneurship it would be Closer by Goapele (#thatsmyjam).

You’re probably feeling stuck in the 9 to 5 world and you’re ready to get Closer To Your Dreams. But how do you get closer when you’re still running the infamous race? It’s called side-hustling B, and I’m going to teach how to get started. But first let’s dead the myths about side hustling and online entrepreneurship.

Myth #1: You need to quit your job. Reality Check: The last time I quit my day job on a whim; I was served an eviction notice a few month’s later. I can laugh at that story now, but I’m cautioning you before you get the Quitting Fever. Hold on to your day job until your business is making real money moves. In the meantime think of your job as your angel investor when nobody believes in your business but you.

Myth #2: You need to sell physical products. Reality Check: No shade to physical products, but that’s hustling backwards! That’s too much money going out with no guarantee of anything coming in. Companies like Google have found ways to monetize information and you can too! My advice is to keep your start-up expenses as low as possible since you’re still testing the waters.

Myth #3: You need a business degree to start a business. Reality Check: I earned my Master’s degree in Online Entrepreneurship from the University of Google. Lol, I’m being so serious right now! It’s amazing what 6 years of Googling and enough trial and error will do. The truth is you have people like me that can help you get started and grow faster without all the mistakes I made. Take advantage, sis!

Clients Be Like

If you are starting a blog or website and don’t have Karmen in your life then you need to contact her ASAP! I reached out to Karmen at 8am on a Sunday and within minutes, what took me hours to learn she completed in 20 minutes(I am not tech savvy). Karmen didn’t make me feel silly but educated me on what to do and corrected the issues in a very personable and professional manner.

-Akida Mann of KidaDaDiva.com

I love my website and I really appreciate the insight Karmen provides. Shortly after my website launched I ran into some tech issues and hired her again for technical support. She quickly resolved my issues and created custom video tutorials that helped me understand how to maintain my website. I look forward to working with her again!

-Kelly Gilyard of Suuflay.com

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Are you ready to create a brand you love? Even if you decide to DIY it I’m still here to help you all the way through the process. With 6+ years of online entrepreneurship under my belt I am confident I can help you build a brand and business that makes you proud.

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