About Me

The Beginning

So it all started in 2012 – I had an amazing idea to start an online business selling hair extensions. The only thing was I needed a website – and a good one. I started off with a Wix site, but at that time it just did not meet all of my needs for running an ecommerce business.

Then I migrated to Shopify, it had all the functionality needed for running an online business, but you had to be or hire a designer/developer to make it pretty.

Something New

Here I was frustrated at the cross-roads of functionality and aesthetics. I had heard of WordPress but never looked into it.In January of 2015; I took the plunge and set up a self hosted WordPress website. It was quite a learning curve, but I was determined to learn its in-and-outs, and design a beautiful website. 

Learning how to use WordPress inspired me to dive deeper into the design world and start learning code and design principles. By this time I started to notice how much I enjoyed design over running the hair business.

And Now

July of 2016 is when I decided to start offering my design services to other entrepreneurial women. It was scary; knowing I was competing with people who had gone to school for this. 

But then I realized; not having a degree in design didn’t take away from the knowledge I had gain from self studying and putting the principles into action. 

I know there are tons of free website builders to choose from out there, but I would like to remind you to consider your time as money. The time that you put into building your own website is time that you take away from your business. Let me help you brand and design your online presence so you can focus on what’s most important – GROWING YOUR BRAND!

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