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I help creative women of color build authentic personal brands through strategic branding and web design.

You can call me Karmen or your personal brand strategist and web designer. I am the girl you hire when you’re ready to put some action behind all those great ideas.

I help creative women such as bloggers, life coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs build authentic personal brands. Finding your voice and the audience who identifies with your message is the key of doing online business these days.



A lot of clients come to me thinking they need to be for everybody but this just isn’t the case. Thinking that you’ll get a bigger slice of the market by being broad and general will leave you broke and looking for a job!

Today it’s all about niching down to a specific audience. I mean so specific that if you’re selling big church hats then you are only targeting good ‘ol southern, baptist, choir-singing, every Sunday church-going, Women of God and that’s it!!!

Advertising to the masses is expensive and just down right in-effective. Getting into business isn’t light on the pocketbook, so you need to be making money on launch.


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And that’s what I do – of course I’ll give you a stunning and aesthetically pleasing logo and website. But good design only gets people in the door, how are you going to keep them interested and buy, Buy, BUY?

Let me introduce you to the entree, because design is just my appetizer. A great Brand Consultant helps you stir up ideas and roll out marketing tactics that gets people opening their wallets and telling whoever will listen about you and what you offer.

This is what I do – and why my price tag affords you all of my great mentorship and ideas. To put things in perspective, this isn’t a hobby for me and I’m passionate about what I do. I only work with business owners who are serious and results-driven.

I, repeat, I am not for the price sensitive and non-risk takers. And yes, I do offer payment plans to get you on board because we’re living in a crazy economy. Your investment and my time are not something I take lightly.

Last words – this is a time commitment and you have to be patient. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your brand.

I am your business bestie, accountability partner, and friend too because your boo, bestie, and family aren’t going to get your woes unless they’re in business for themselves as well.

Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

Brand Designer + Strategist

Hello, I'm Karmen. I teach Women of Color Creators how to monetize their online presence using social media, email marketing, and strategic website design.


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Sign up for my FREE Email Marketing Guide to learn about creating Lead Magnets, Email List, and Automation with ConvertKit.

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