What Being A Pretender Can Teach You About Business


Recently I came to the realization that I just didn’t give a flying fxck how others perceived me. I was tired of pretending to have it all when really I was just a lost individual. The Instagram Fame disease took over in 2013. I wanted to look the part before actually getting the part. That meant racking up debt and making a lot of bad financial, emotional, and relationship choices.

Since we all have less than stellar past lives we’re proud of; I still try to think of the positive from every negative experience even it’s a simple Don’t ever do that shit again note to self.



But what the pretender syndrome actually taught me was to look “bigger” than what I was as “small business” because it opened doors for me.

When I got fired from Insurance job last year and started contracting myself to Atlanta agents, I literally had an agent tell me that he did business with me because “I looked and carried myself as a professional”

Do you know it’s people out there dissecting you and your business because it doesn’t look a certain way to them? There’s also people out there ready to do business with you because you have that “big business” whip appeal.



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Ok so here’s what pretending taught me about doing business.

Be 2 Legit 2 Quit

Literally, you have to legitimize your business. Go grab that DBA and LLC and walk into your bank to open a business checking account. A lot of times people tell you not to invest too heavily in a new business because you’re not sure it will work.

Listen any business will WORK as long you have supply, demand, and willing to do the damn work. When you’re invested you’re committed to making it work.

But let me also put my foot in my mouth and say that you also gotta know when to throw the towel and pivot to the next venture. Hello, Graphic Design. Bye-bye, Hair Weave Co.

It’s ok to be an Instagram Boutique, but go grab that domain and a website

You are being judged. Hell it’s no shame in my game. I even judge businesses that don’t have their own website AND domain name.

Like sis, ain’t nobody taking you serious on BigCartel when you won’t even buy your name online for like $10 – $16 a year.

Stop using that Gmail or Yahoo email address

A branded email shows the world you are serious. And wouldn’t you side-eye a big company like Nordstrom if you had to send something via email to [email protected]?

Be forreal, sis! Branding yourself as a professional is a non-negotiable. People are used to being scammed online. They are extra leery to do business with you if you say you the ish but don’t even take the proper measures to really be the ish, k?

Go grab that official email address with Google’s G-Suite.

Fact of it all. You don’t have to wait until you sign the lease on the office or storefront to start looking official. I jokingly call it pretending. However, if you don’t level up you will be overlooked.

Got something you want to add to the mix? I’m all ears!

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Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

Brand Designer + Strategist

I help creative women design poppin' brands and websites that catch the eyes, hearts, and pocketbooks of their ideal clients. Currently, I’m what you call a side hustler working towards the day I can go full metal jacket, don’t need the man’s paycheck, ENTREPRENEUR. My current plan is to quit “The Trap” cold turkey as of January 2019. You being here right now and reading this is just helping me get one step closer to my goal. So thanks a bunch! 


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