How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog


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So you’ve landed here because you’re ready to start your very own blog.

That’s great! But I’m sure your head is spinning with questions like … How much does it cost to start a blog? What do I even need to start a blog? Can I do it for free? How do I make money?

If you were thinking the same questions, then you definitely need to bump this sis! Grab your favorite cup because I’m spilling the tea. This post will give you major insight on everything you need to start your blog.

The Best Free & Paid Blogging Platforms

You can definitely start a blog with no money, but it’s far from the best choice. However, I still want to give you the pros and the cons of both so that you can make the best choice for you.

The 2 best options for free blogging platforms:

If you really don’t have at least $100+ dollars to spend, then these platforms may be ideal just to get you started. Keep in mind that free platforms often limit your advertising options which may ultimately affect you blog income. Ad Income can be one of your largest streams of blog income.

You will also notice you will be limited on your design options and even some more common functions of your blog like having an online store.

Free platforms are perfect if you don’t have a lot of money and want to get started. The good thing is that you can transfer all of your content like blog posts to your new blog if you decide to upgrade to a paid platform later.

I highly recommend starting out on the platform you want to use for the life of your blog. It’s easier this way and you don’t have to worry about switching to a better platform later on.

The 2 best options for paid platforms are:

I personally use and love WordPress. However, Squarespace is also one of the best for one of the many reasons I’ll talk about below.


Image Credit: Her Creative Studio

The main difference between WordPress & SquareSpace is ultimately a free blogging platform that you can use to create your blog. However you will need to purchase a domain name ( and web hosting. Hosting is simply the storing of your website files to an internet connected server. So that whenever someone types your domain name in their internet browser your website files will be requested from the server and shown on their computer.

I know that sounds technical AF but it’s a plethora of hosting companies that make it easy and even specialize in hosting WordPress websites such WPEngine.

Now for SquareSpace it’s a complete all-in-one system for creating your blog or website. You can purchase your domain from SquareSpace plus they take care of the hosting for you. This definitely sounds more convenient than WordPress but you should also consider a few things.

Although it’s convenient you also don’t really own your website. You must still follow all terms and conditions, and SquareSpace still has the right to change their terms, pricing, etc. at anytime.

Think about how Instagram has made all kind of ridiculous algorithms that has affected the people who see your post. Now do you really want someone else to have control over your website like that?

With you completely own your site. The only person who can change your terms and conditions is you. I also advocate for building your own platforms like your website so that you’re not always at the mercy of social media who can shut down your account at any time and any reason.

So you see that’s why it’s important to choose the the right platform from jump. It just makes things easier. Now keep in mind it’s always a good idea to do your on research on all of your options.

If you’ve decided to go with then this next section is for you. If you decided on another platform then you can keep it moving! But don’t forget to join my Resource Library filled with all kind of good freebie to launch and grow your blog.


Image Credit: Her Creative Studio

You’re going to need a domain name!

This can be your name or your blog’s name. A domain name usually runs about $10+ per year. I recommend for buying cheap domain names.

Next, you need hosting!

I recommend WPEngine for hosting because they have great uptime availability, which means you don’t have to worry about your website being down in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.

WPEngine is a premium host so they’re pricing is a little higher compared to other hosting providers. It’s really worth it when it comes down to their customer support and easy set-up.

Finally, it’s time to talk design!

There’s a few options you can choose from when it comes to design for your blog. You can definitely DIY but most people aren’t tech and design ninjas so it may be a bit of a learning curve if you decide to go this route. Remember what you don’t spend in money you will spend in time.

If you decide to go the DIY route then you’ll need to choose a theme. WordPress by default comes prepackaged with a few different free themes to choose from. You can customize a theme’s appearance with your own brand colors and such.

Free themes are cool but premium themes are even better. You get more design options and more design features that can really make you blog look unique. Remember thousands if not millions of people are using the same exact themes, so it’s important to make your site look as unique as possible.

I recommend CreativeMarket for finding premium WordPress themes. These themes are made by freelance designers and start at $65+. Click on a theme below to purchase directly from CreativeMarket.



For some people DIYing can be a little overwhelming so you may want to think about working with a designer. The next question is typically how much does it cost to work with a designer?

Well that depends on who you’re working with. By no means is creating a blog a small task so pricing can range from $300+ depending on the designer and their current workload.

The largest benefit of working with a designer is the education and guidance they provide along with your design. When choosing a designer it’s important to check out their portfolio to make sure their design styles matches yours. You also want to work with a specialist and not a generalist.

A specialist is someone that works with a specific industry. They can provide insight and guidance on things you may not have not even considered your blog needed. A generalist is typically easier to spot because they usually promote price than quality. You know you’ve seen that all-in-one designer that charges $99 and creates websites for repair shops, construction companies, and any on that will throw money their way.

I know it sounds like I’m talking shit because I am. But seriously I’m putting you on game and helping you not to waste money. It’s really makes me cringe when someone ends up disappointed :emoji: with their designer, because they didn’t properly vet them before signing up.

And my last piece of advice …

You need a brand before creating a blog. What the heck is brand? A brand is like Beyoncé. She’s attractive, her personality is likeable, she’s relatable, she’s talented, should I keep going or stop before I sound like a Stan?

On a serious tip, Beyonce is a brand because every move she makes is strategic AF. I mean really who has more power and respect than this woman?

You create your brand by making it human. Give it a personality, give it some goals, give it a vibe, and give it a signature color palette. Your brand is your vision, your voice, and your visuals.

A brand helps you understand who you are creating content for and helps you create a persona that will appeal to them and get them to your blog. Ready to talk about branding? Click the following link to learn more about my Logo Design & Branding Service.


Always ❤️ Love,

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