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Is WordPress Right For You?

I often get asked what's the best platform to build a website with? My personal favorite happens to be WordPress.org. The reason I love WordPress is because it’s flexible, customizable, and scalable as your business starts to grow. WordPress is perfect for......

Divi is the only WordPress theme you’ll ever need 😎

There’s a pretty big misconception out there that your website has to be “custom-built” from scratch for it to look unique and stylish. Truthfully, a custom-built website is a pain in the ass. It often means that only your designer/developer can update it for you. Who...

Why I install these WordPress plugins on EVERY website

I once had this potential client who sent me an email asking if we could add plugins to make her site POP! Ok - in this context the idea of a plugin was totally wrong and made me giggle. But it gave me an idea to write a blog post about the WordPress plugins I love!...

WordPress Glossary Cheatsheet

Are you constantly looking up WordPress terminology? This post is a WordPress glossary that features common WordPress terms and definitions.

What To Ask Before You Hire A Web Designer

Finding the right web designer for your business website is an exhausting process. You’ll probably spend some time checking out a few designers based off their design style and pricing. It’s definitely the norm to use this approach when you’re looking for any type of...

3 Clues It’s Time To Revamp Your Website

1. Your website doesn’t convey the right The first clue that your website needs a revamp is if you’re not attracting the right kind of clients or any clients at all. Maybe you started your business on a whim and you weren’t sure if it would really make it. So you...

6 Reasons Why You Need A Website

Have you ever found yourself googling if you need a website for your small business? Here’s 6 reasons why having a website is a must-have for any small business.

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