8 Powerful Marketing Techniques

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Marketing is a powerful tool. Marketing is something that gives a business the ability to go from something that’s going to rise to success, to one that’s going to remain under the radar for the duration of its time as a business. But what’s the point in going through all of the hassle of owning a business, if you’re not even going to be able to get the money you want from it. Because at the end of the day, having a business is all about being successful, and making sure that you can make the most money possible. There are some marketing techniques that will allow you to be more successful than others as well. These are the ones that we want to talk about today. Because your goal is making money, you’re going to have to spend some money. But that last thing you would want is to spend so much money on a campaign, only for it to fall through and not get you the exposure you need. But, if you stick to these 8 techniques, you should be able to take your business to new heights. Have a read on to find out more.


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Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest at the minute. For one, it’s pretty much all free, apart from the upgrades you can do on Facebook. It’s a great way of targeting a wide audience, because so many people are now on social media. So much so, that it controls and influences a lot of things in all of our lives. If you want to get noticed however, you’re going to have to build some sort of following. One way of doing that is to buy real instagram likes, or buy Facebook likes. If you go for a good company who can do this for you, it can be really effective at giving your business a higher status on the platform, and drawing in the attention of other users. As for the content you’re going to market, it has to be bold, interesting, and something that’s generally going to stand out from your competitors.

Mass Email Marketing

Mass email marketing is a bit of a risky technique. You have to make sure you’re sending out the right emails, to the right people, with the right permissions. It’s so easy to get your business blacklisted if you’re continually harassing customers with emails, when they didn’t sign up for anything of the sort. You must always have had permission to email, which you would usually ask for when they’re creating an account. When you do email, make sure that it’s short, sharp, and sweet. People don’t tend to scroll through their emails like they would social media, so it has to catch the eye.


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Billboard marketing is great, you just need to make sure you pick the location of the billboard well, and that you’re focusing on the design of your advert. It has to speak a thousand words in a picture, and definitely has to capture the eye. Because people are most likely going to be whizzing past, they aren’t going to have time to read the writing, so focus on the quality of imaging the most.


Radio and TV are great forms of advertisement, but they’re definitely the most expensive. A lot of thought has to go into this, which is often where a business drops the ball. It can’t be an annoying jingle, you don’t want to risk putting off your customers. But it can’t be something boring. You’re going to have to get creative, and meet in the middle with this one. You shouldn’t leave an advert running for too long either. It can be annoying for people to see the same advert over and over again, even if they liked it in the beginning. So make sure it’s only running for a month or so, then you can switch round what you’re trying to advertise.


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SEO is great if your website is struggling. It’s aim is to improve your rankings in search engines, meaning your business should get more attention when people search for keywords. It’s an expensive venture, and it will take a while to get results. But this is a great method because in the long run, it will always improve the rankings somewhat.


Adwords is something that Google created, and it does work if you’re looking for a way to get attention quickly. It works by allowing businesses to bid on one of the top three spots in Google. Not the actual searches, the three that have the green AD sign next to them before the official searches. It can get quite expensive, but to have that prestigious spot will get you more customers. Bid on different keywords, and you will find that your business is coming up in more and more searches!


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We’re not telling you to look for people to sponsor you, it should be you looking to sponsor other people. Whether it be a sports team, a charity event, another brand etc. it’s all effective in getting results with exposure. It’s a way of spreading the word about your company naturally, whilst doing something for a good cause as well. If you were to sponsor, and donate to a charity, your business would be named rather a few times. It’s that association with a good deed that’s going to get you the exposure your company needs.

Trade Events

Trade events aren’t every companies cup of tea, but they certainly work when trying to get your business put on the map. It’s a more personal way of marketing as you’re going to be in and amongst all of the people that you’re trying to bring towards your business. It’s a chance for you to get your own views of the company across, and really sell your products to the people who mean the most. It’s also a learning curve for a lot of companies. It’s easy to see what your competitors are doing, and how they’re bring in their custom, and what you might be able to do a bit differently.


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