Branding Isn’t Just A Pretty Logo


There are so many really great brands out there. Most of us recognize them instantly by their logo. Think about Nike, Apple, or FaceBook. But each of these companies is far more than just a pretty logo. We know them like we know our friends. They’ve got character, personality, and a reputation for quality, ideas, and innovation. How do we know all that from an iconic icon?


Branding Isn't Just A Pretty Logo


Personality – You Are Your Brand

Think back to Apple and FaceBook. Behind these great businesses are two great entrepreneurs. These guys have charmed the world. How? By becoming public facing, engaging with everyone at conventions, media circus events, and seminars. They stood up there in front of the world and built their credibility. But these public personalities are probably nothing like their private or real lives. You have to create a brand, just like you have to create this persona that people love.

Style Guides

If you have a logo, you might also have a style guide for your brand. This is all about the image, though. You choose your font, your color palette, and perhaps even the placement on the page. It should also clarify your tone of voice. When you’re building a brand, consistency is key. After all, you’re an entrepreneur. Have a look at websites like to see why your brand needs to be protected online too. You can’t be writing all your own copy forever. You need someone to write in your tone of voice on your behalf and someone that can develop your web interests without damaging your image.



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Visibility and Share Of Voice

It’s no good having a brand and a style guide if nobody ever sees it. Remember the entrepreneur’s personality? Your brand, that tiny icon or logo, needs to be just as characterful and just as public. Put it on everything. You represent your company, products and brand, so put your picture on it! Put your quotes in your copy. This builds credibility, and journalists love to use quotes, helping you build up your PR campaigns. Have a look at websites like to see how you can be published this way.

challenges of a rebrand
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Your Workforce

It’s important that anyone working for you stands up for your company ethos and supports your brand 100%. So what does that brand represent? Who is it and who does it appeal to? You might give it a persona. Perhaps it even has a gender and fashion sense? This persona that you create is often very close to a typical customer. If you know your customer persona, then your brand persona will be easy to define. Put it in writing, create a cardboard cutout, and make sure you all know who you are!

Social Media

When you or your representatives are responding or posting on social media, it is really important you keep up your defined tone of voice. Some companies give their social media customer service reps a chance to create their own online character. This persona should closely resemble your company’s, but it gives room for those little subtle differences when somebody else is speaking. It also gives your business just enough distance should something be said that is out of character. How do you maintain your business identity across all your campaigns?

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