4 Things That Every Successful Business Blog Needs


by | Aug 6, 2018

Creating a blog is a great way to drive more traffic to your business website and show customers that you’re a leading authority in your industry. The only problem is, there are thousands and thousands of other blogs out there and getting people to choose yours can be difficult. Even the smallest of mistakes can send people elsewhere and render your blog pretty useless. If you’re about to start a blog for your business and you want to make absolutely sure you get it right, check out this list of 4 things that any successful blog needs.

Something New

When there’s so much competition out there, you’re not going to get people reading your blog if there are ten others that post pretty much the same content. You’ll only build a readership if you’ve got something new. It might be that you’re writing about ideas that nobody else is covering but you don’t necessarily have to come up with a brand new idea. If you’re writing about things that other people cover on their blogs, you need to find a novel way of doing it. Whether it’s coming at it from a different angle or using a different tone, you need to give people something that they can’t find anywhere else.

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is just another term for something that you offer people for free. You need to have some on your blog because they’re the best way to get more subscribers. Think of things that your customers would be interested in and start compiling a list, it could be anything really. Some people give away free ebooks or free samples of one of your product. You can also compile a list of any useful resources that relate to your product. For example, if you run a kitchen equipment company, a blog with free recipes is perfect. It’ll encourage people to subscribe to your blog and generating interest in cooking is going to make people more likely to buy your products.

A Good Hosting Service

There’s nothing people hate more than a slow website so you need to make sure that you’ve got a good hosting service. It can be difficult to choose the right one, especially if you’re using WordPress because there is no such thing as WordPress hosting. What I mean by this is that there are no WordPress specific services so you’ll have to do a bit of research and find the hosting companies that are best equipped to host WordPress blogs.

Good Content

This is the most important thing of all. People are never going to come and read your blog if you don’t offer them good content. That means well written articles that are actually useful to the customer. Think about who your target demographic is and the kind of information that they would want, then use this to come up with ideas for great content. Make sure that it’s always well written and check it for errors before posting. It’ll make you look unprofessional if there are spelling errors and readers aren’t likely to come back again.

Get these 4 things and you should be able to build a successful blog that drives more traffic to your business website.

xoxo, Karmen K

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