Attracting Attention Online: How To Create A Buzz Around Your Business


by | Jun 14, 2018

Are you venturing into the world of online business, or are you eager to take advantage of the incredible benefits of online marketing for an existing company? Whether you have a new or an established firm, it pays to attract attention online. Here are some tips to help you create a buzz around your business.

Getting your website just right

A website can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but you have to ensure that it delivers. It’s not enough to set up a basic site and hope that people come to you. You need to focus on designing a site that looks the business, but also provides the user with everything they need or want. Think of your website as a virtual shop window. You need to dress it up to appeal to potential clients and leave them wanting more. Use images and themes that are relevant to your brand, and switch up your content. Homepages that contain great big chunks of text are likely to put consumers off.

Use video clips and photographs to break up text, and make sure the content you do post is engaging and original. If you’re not well-versed in web design, it’s worth seeking expert advice. Once you’ve got the design nailed down, take steps to protect your business by investing in cybersecurity measures, and improve efficiency by working with an IT management company like Enteracloud. You don’t want to attract potential customers, and then lose them because there are broken links, the pages aren’t loading, or the site isn’t secure. Having expert help at hand can reduce the risk of downtime and improve the user experience.

Promoting your brand online

Online marketing can be hugely effective, but to reap the rewards, you have to design and implement a strategy that works. Using techniques like search engine optimization and email and social media marketing, you can build a following, and encourage more people to check out your website and the products and services on offer. Tailor your campaign to your target market, gather as much information as possible about their online browsing and shopping habits, and monitor the progress of your strategy using analytics. Focus on creating and sharing innovative, informative posts, which will capture the attention of your audience, and use feedback to improve your campaign. If you get a lot more hits for one type of post than another, for example, this indicates that your followers would like more of the same. As well as optimizing your content to drive traffic to your website, you could also run promotions to boost sales. Offer incentives for sharing posts, for example, 10% off your next purchase, and use social media to alert your audience to offers and flash sales.

Most of us spend a substantial amount of time connected to the Internet each and every day. If you run a business, and you’re keen to drive it forward, it’s wise to tap into the growing popularity of online platforms. Make sure you’ve got a fantastic website, and then use it to showcase your business in all its glory. Push sales and create a buzz using social media and use SEO to attract more visitors to your site. Good luck!

xoxo, Karmen K

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