Creating Your Business In Your Back Garden: A Few Ideas


by | Aug 9, 2018

Running a business from home can have its benefits and its negative aspects, as well. It is important that you can separate your business life from your home, and you can go back and relax in the company of your family members. Commuting to work can be tiring and time consuming, and getting stuck in peak traffic is not everyone’s ideal way of spending a few spare hours. If you would like to find the perfect balance, you might want to set up your business in your back garden; connected, still separate. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Water, Electricity, Internet

Before you start planning your garden office, it is important that you find a way to make it self-sufficient. You need water, electricity, and heating, so you can spend your working days in comfort without the need of popping into the house for a coffee or getting your lunch. This will help you save time and money and stay flexible while making the most out of your productive hours.

Choose the Right Structure

The structure you choose will depend on your climate and your budget. You can get steel containers from building reclamation yards, but they will not be easy to heat up or make comfortable and cozy. On the other hand, insulated wooden home office structures can cost a bit more money but offer a better environment for running your internet business from. There are also some prefabricated structures that can be erected in a few days and give you more space than regular garden offices.

Getting the Distance Right

You have to find the right balance between being home and close to your family and staying away from distractions. You might want to make it harder for kids to pop in every five minutes if you position your office far from the house and install a Northern Mat & Bridge between your home and the office. This will give you a safe route in the winter when the ground is frozen, and help you separate the spaces.

Parking and Facilities

If you are looking to meet and greet customers at your business premises, you might want to get another gate installed with dedicated parking. There is no reason why you should mix your personal space with your work commitments. Get a coffee machine and basic facilities, especially if you are running a business with employees.


If your home office has valuable production equipment and computers, you will have to think about security. You might decide to install a separate CCTV outside the business premises, especially if you can’t see it from your house. Install a gate with access control, so you don’t fall victim of thieves.

If you want to keep your business out of your house, but don’t want to commute to work for hours, you can make use of your backyard space. Find the right balance between being close to home and staying away from distractions, and choose the facilities that will make your working day enjoyable and comfortable.

xoxo, Karmen K

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