Evergreen Content Ideas That Age Like A Fine Wine


by | Jul 10, 2018

Evergreen content is fast becoming the Excalibur of digital media tools. What’s to hate about posts which constantly pull in readers and increase traffic? The answer is nothing. They are perfect in almost every way. The only sticking point is creating content which doesn’t age. Indeed, you want it to get old, but like a fine wine from the Châteauneuf-du-Pape région. Striking the right balance is a tricky prospect, one which many strategies seem to get wrong. However, the task is a lot easier when you understand which methods are subtle and powerful at the same time. Below are four examples.

How-To Guides

Websites always make the mistake of thinking the reader understands the concept. In reality, they may only have stumbled across the subject yet are reading advanced materials. It’s a surefire way to turn them off, which means they’ll bounce to a competitor. A how-to guide isn’t ageless, but it generates enough interest to perform consistently over an extended period. The trick is to specialize in beginner guides as people jump on bandwagons at every opportunity. As a result, there should be plenty of browsers clicking on articles and videos even as the trend dies down. Mix a how-to with a topical subject, such as analytics or SEO.

Questions Answerers

Searchers often want to know the answer to a question. So, it’s only logical that you provide them with one. Solving a puzzle is bound to grab a person’s attention and get them to land on the page. Think of it as organic clickbait. The trick is to leverage your keywords and phrases with long-standing topics. That way, the content will stay greener for longer. To do this, go to an engine and start a search with the words “why” or “how.” For instance, “why has Twitter become a key resource in digital marketing?”


Trends bounce in and out of fashion like a yo-yo. Usually, there isn’t enough time to understand one before it disappears again. However, the fact it is going to come back means it’s worth explaining to your audience. Then, they can use it and be one of the cool kids too. Remember that your IT support has to be strong to pull this off as being offline can kill a trend. Rather than pick one which is hot right now, go for something that is steady. Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite a while and are in vogue thanks to the surge of Bitcoin. Explain how it or another one may be a wise investment.

News Tweaks

Stories date but the subject matter often has wide-reaching consequences. Think about the things in the news at the moment. For instance, the Thai boys stuck in a cave. Not to exploit the situation, yet this is an amazing piece as it relates to a variety of things. They are soccer players for one thing and the World Cup is on at the moment. It brought together different nations and cultures. And, it’s going to be a Hollywood film in the not-too-distant future.

Isn’t that a story well worth tweaking?

xoxo, Karmen K

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