It’s About The Company, Not The Entrepreneur


by | Jul 12, 2018

There is a myth about entrepreneurs that must be dispelled: they do not establish companies all on their own. And in fact, studies have shown that those “brilliant mind” entrepreneurs often have less success than the people who understand that they’re part of a bigger system. As such, it’s imperative that any setting up a business understands that if they’re going to build a profitable, long-lasting company, then it’ll be necessary to get rid of their own self-interests and let the company take center stage. So how can the modern business owner help their company to the best of their ability? We take a look below.

Continued Learning

People spend the best part of their first two decades on earth in education, and then, once they leave, rarely pick up a book or attend another lecture. But as we’ve always known: knowledge is power. By taking the time to look at courses, books, and other educational materials, you might just discover something that helps to take your business to the next level. Don’t enter the business world thinking that you know everything. You don’t! If you stay open to learning and improving yourself, you’ll be unlikely to steer your company too far wrong.

Delegating Tasks

The entrepreneur who believes he or she can do everything better than other people is doomed to fail. You’re going to be good at SOME things; you’re going to be OK at others; and then there’ll be some tasks that you positively suck at. So don’t assume full control of everything – hire staff, or outsource some roles. You’ll be entrusting the work to people who really know what they’re doing, and freeing up your time to work on tasks that make the most of your skills. Work with a company that provides IT support, delegate your marketing elsewhere if it’s not an area in which you’re an expert, and all-around trust the staff you hire to do the job you’re paying them to do. You don’t have to do everything – and you’ll only hurt your business if you try.

Open to Other Opinions

It’s your business, and your ideas will be the ones that carry the most weight, but that doesn’t mean you should close your ears to the opinions of other people. They’ll be seeing things from another perspective, and if you’re discounting what they’re saying before it’s even sank in, then who knows what you’re missing? Similarly, while your business is your baby, you’re going to have to let it walk on its own after a while. If you hold onto the reins too long, then you’ll only hold it back. Be willing to let the company move in new directions!

Silencing the Ego

Ultimately, it’s all about setting your ego aside for a while. Your company is bigger than you are. If you’re letting your own thoughts and feelings dictate the direction and actions of your business, then you can’t be too surprised if it fails to reach its potential. Aim high, and let it grow.

xoxo, Karmen K

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