Problem Products Need These Marketing Strategies More Than Any Other


by | Aug 9, 2018

Sometimes through no fault of yours, the product you are trying to move can be, how should I say…problematic? Maybe you are having trouble with supply and demand, the quality, or perhaps even the demographic that you thought would go crazy for your item is giving you a lukewarm reaction at best? Well, even if this is the case don’t panic because with a bit of smart marketing, including the strategies listed below you can get your sales right back on track. Read on to find out how.

A good website

If your product is causing you a headache that you can do no better than invest in an excellent website to help mitigate any problems you may run into. A site that will make your customers’ experience of visiting you informative, entertaining, and simple.

Of course, to create a site like this, you will need to carefully consider both the user interface (UI) that you use, which will include graphic design, images, colors, layouts, and typography. All of which need to be geared towards the particular market and reinforce the brand you are creating.

Then you will need to consider the user experience (UX) as well. UX is all about making the user’s experience as positive as possible, and therefore is concerning with choosing the right wireframes to display information, as well as the information architecture that is used. All things that should be based on user research to provide the best experience possible.

Great contacts and networks

Next, a problem product will also need a team that has particular skill in making the best and most useful contacts and network connections with their field.

Why? Well, to move a product you need to be able to both source the supplies that are necessary to create it, and a market on which to sell it too. A current example of this being the walnut supplier, finding that the embargo in India is hurting their trade, who then searches out a company that can find the right market for their product for them. Of course, the right market is usually where they can make as money as possible in a stable fashion, something that the right contacts and networks can provide you access to.

A fantastic social media presence

Of course, linked to, but not entirely the same as networking and fostering useful contacts for your business is social media. In particular, a strong social media presence can be beneficial for a more problematic product in two ways.

The first is that your customer service team can monitor social media for negative comments and swoop in and address and resolve any problem quickly. Something that should help to maintain a positive reputation.

The second is that social media can be fantastic if you are looking to sell your product retail rather than wholesale because its a platform that connects directly with individuals on a very human level. Something that means it can boost your product sales, as well as address any concerns potential buyers might have before they make their purchase.

xoxo, Karmen K

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