How To Write The Perfect Copy for Your Website Home Page


How to write the perfect copy for your website home page


How to write the perfect copy for your website home page


Your home page will be the most visited page of your website. In just a few seconds your visitors will decide if they want to stay around or make a beeline to the exit button. You want them to stay, click around, and send an inquiry to work with you. This is done with eye-catching design and compelling copy. Design is relatively the easy part. The part that breaks a lot of folks is the copy!

This is your website, so it’s ok to talk to people who visit your website in your own voice. As long as your brand’s voice resonates with your ideal audience I say go for it!

If that means talking in slang and purposely misspelling words then go for it! Nobody’s grading your website like it’s your college English paper. The key is to be yourself and let all that personality shine through.

Below you will see a checklist of points to include on your homepage. Use this checklist as a guide for creating the copy on your homepage.

Write A Benefit-Driven Headline

A lot of people get this wrong. The key is making a headline that tells your audience the key outcomes of working with you. If you’re selling a product, make it about the biggest benefit of using your products. Example: My headline is, “I help creative women design poppin’ brands & websites that catch the eyes, hearts, and wallets of their ideal clients.”

If you’re a blogger your headline can focus on what people will gain by reading your blog. The point is every type of business can write a benefit-driven headline. This headline helps your visitors know automatically they’re in the right place. Also use this section to showcase a photo of you working in your environment.


Talk About Who You Are

No one wants to do business with a stranger hiding behind the internet. A short about section on your homepage is a trust-building factor for your site’s visitors. Tell people who you are, why you got started, and what you do. Add some personal details like where you’re from and what you like to do when you’re not doing business stuff. Incorporate a photo of yourself. Preferably one that looks light and inviting, and not one of those corporate, tight-ass shots.

Who Do You Help

Remember that Young Joc song, Lookin Ass Boy? “Point em out, point em out” – hopefully you got that pun! If not then you need to tell your visitors who you’re for. You want to make it clear who you serve, so everyone else can step to the left.

Are you targeting millennial women of color that need help advancing in their careers? Tell em! Are you targeting middle aged women that need to start planning their retirement income? Tell em!

It’s ok to disqualify people in the beginning. Because we all know what happens when you try to push a round peg in a square hole. That sh*t ain’t happening!


What Are The Benefits of Working With You

Use this section of your homepage to talk a little bit about your services then go into a little more detail about the benefits of working with you. What will your ideal client be able to accomplish by working with you? Be as specific as possible by talking directly to your ideal client, and talk about the things that will specifically impact them.

Don’t Forget To Add Specific Call To Actions

Good copy is fine and dandy, but you’ll need to add specific call to actions that will engage your audience and lead them to the next steps. Encourage your website’s visitors to reach out to you. You can implement call to actions throughout your homepage. Think about your purpose, and ultimately what you want your visitors to do when they visit your website. Some of the best call to actions are opt-in freebies like an ebook that will encourage sign-ups and grow your email list.

Use Social Proof

When’s the last time you bought something online without checking the reviews? Seriously, who doesn’t check the reviews these days? Testimonials are powerful for your homepage, and they give your audience more reasons to work with you. Even if you’re a total newbie to online business; you can use the reviews of people you’ve worked with in the past such as a colleague or even someone you’ve helped for free. Start browsing your contacts and text threads. Let your friends know what you’re doing, and ask for a positive review they can share about your work ethic, your eye for design, etc.

What Problems Do You Solve

No one needs another meaningless purchase, email subscription, or “I knew that already” coaching deal. Get clear on problems you solve for your ideal client. Let them know you solve their problem by clearly conveying it in your homepage copy.

Example Time: The main problem I solve is simplifying the web design process by making it strategic, methodical, enjoyable, and results-driven for my clients. My design process helps decrease the overwhelm, and helps you focus on presenting yourself in the best light. I focus on the tech stuff and all the details, while you help me highlight all your best qualities and put them into a business website that drives results.


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