January 2018 Income Report: $1,292.66


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Disclaimer: I started blogging seriously in August of 2017. I blogged consistently every week for about 16 weeks before I started making any money from my blog.

This month’s income is all from sponsored blog posts written by other authors whose content I post to my blog. It’s been a major blessing to get this opportunity since I’m kind of taking a step back to get my web design business in order before I take on any more new clients. 

I will be creating monthly income reports to show you it’s possible to make money online. And I’m also tracking my progress to replace my 9-to-5 income and work full-time as a freelancer by June 1st 2018.

Now, let’s see these numbers!

January 2018 Income Report Summary

Income: $1,292.66
Expenses: $471.50
Net Income: $821.16

List of Business Expenses

1Password: $3.99
VPS Hosting: $69.99
New Desk: $134.99
Cloudflare: $20.00
VistaPrint: $36.58
ConvertKit: $29.99
Planoly: $9
Adobe Creative Cloud: $29.99
Divi.Space: $97
Domain Purchase: $9.97
Acuity Scheduling: $10
Divi Life: $15
G Suite: $5

Most of the above expenses are my normal monthly business expenses that average around $180 – $190. I’m always evaluating what I can cut back on or what new tools I’ll need to add. Next month in February I have my LLC annual registration and business PO box renewal to budget for.



moodboard design from professional logo design service by Karmen Kendrick
moodboard design from professional logo design service by Karmen Kendrick
moodboard design from professional logo design service by Karmen Kendrick

 Professional logo design and branding for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers.

I use Mint to track my income and expenses. This is done by connecting my bank accounts and even PayPal to Mint. This is also how I’m able to quickly see what I’ve made and what I’ve spent on. If you want to be a serious entrepreneur then you’ve definitely have to get in a money management mindset. And every dollar that comes your way is not fun money or always profit!

My plans are to double my business income month after month. So until next time ….

***This page may contain links from paying affiliates. That means if you buy using the links you're helping me continue to provide free content for this blog. I only recommend products & services I use and love. BT-dubs this is my affiliate disclaimer, cool?

Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

Brand Designer + Strategist

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  1. Sophie

    Your numbers look great, Karmen! Isn’t it the best feeling to see your hard work pay off? Sponsored posts are a great way to bring in extra income, and it looks like you’ve mastered that! Your website is beautiful, by the way!

    • Karmen K

      Hi Sophie! It definitely feels good to see some results and even better to be making money. I love your content as well – maybe we can collaborate soon. Thanks for commenting!


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