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by | Jul 20, 2018

Social media is a great way to expand your brand’s reach without spending a lot of extra money. While managing a successful social media presence is difficult to do for no money at all, you can keep your costs low. Much of the content you use on social media can be recycled elsewhere or might be content that you have already used in other channels. Consistently coming up with shareable content isn’t always easy, though. It takes strategic planning and plenty of creativity to keep your social media accounts active and to offer shareable content that increases your presence. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create shareable content to promote your brand.

Blog Posts, Articles, and Other Links

Written content and links to your website or other sites can be tricky to navigate on social media. You can present a link visually and create a post that makes people want to click, but it can still be more difficult to get it viewed and shared than other content. By its very nature, people have to click the link to see the full content. Whereas, with images and video, they can see everything you’ve shared right away. The first step of having shareable links is to create (or choose) content that your audience will be interested in. The second is presenting it in the right way on social media to get people to click on it.

Blog posts or articles are clearly a top choice for shareable links. They can contain just about anything you want, so there are endless possibilities for producing content. You might write a helpful blog post about how to use your products. You might commission a blogger to write a review or interview someone interesting for an article. You need to think about what your social media followers want to read, what’s going to encourage more people to follow you and, of course, what’s going to sell your products.

Blog posts and articles don’t just have to be walls of text. In fact, it’s much better that they’re not. There are so many ways that you can format them, from listicles to photo essays or articles accompanied by videos or infographics.

Linking to your product pages is another way you might share links on social media. It’s one method to point people directly toward where they can buy from you. You also don’t need to create anything new because you already have your product pages ready to share. However, you still need to decide how to present your products on social media, which might involve creating new content. Some shareable images could be necessary to encourage people to click on your link. Or writing just the right sentence could make a huge difference to how shareable and attractive your link is.

Getting people to click on links on social media can often be all about crafting the perfect post. Don’t assume that because the main content is already there, you don’t need to work on how you share it. It’s good practice to write up posts that work in line with your brand and get people to click.


Images and videos tend to perform a lot better on social media than plain text or link posts. So making sure that you create a visual experience across your social media platforms is essential. Fortunately, there are so many different ways that you can create shareable images, from photos to infographics.

Photos that you share on your social media accounts could be product photos, which you might have ready to go, or you could create for certain campaigns. If you’re promoting clothing products during the summer, you might have a photoshoot or just edit some images to create a bright, summer campaign. You might also want to consider sharing photos from brand influencers or from your regular followers. How are they using your products? Photos could also be pictures of your staff or your offices, events or anything that’s suitable for your brand. Just make sure you always have permission to share.

Apart from photos, you might want to consider sharing various graphics. Infographics can be good for this, although you need to make sure they’re suitable for the platform. They should ideally be readable without having to click on or enlarge anything. Your graphics could also be promoting a special offer or advertising an event. You should create branded images that you can use all the time or perhaps that go together as part of a particular campaign. It’s important to think about lots of different elements when creating graphics, from the colors and fonts to layouts. Keep things consistent if you want them to boost your brand.

As well as sharing still images, don’t forget about the power of GIFs. Moving GIFs can be captivating and highly shareable. If you can create one that captures a certain mood, it could be shared far and wide. So make sure you watermark it or make it obvious that it’s from your brand. Of course, you can use other people’s GIFs too. Showing that you’re in touch with popular culture by using popular ones is a great way to make use of them.


Video is the best performing type of content on platforms like Facebook, which is why many people will turn still images into “videos” by putting some kind of movement over the top. But you can do much better than that if you want to share some videos with your social media audience. Video production for your brand doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. You can spend a bit of money if you can afford to, but it’s possible to produce some video inexpensively too.

One way to start using video on your social media might be to share footage of events. If you hold brand events for bloggers or anyone else, capturing some of it on camera can give you plenty to share. If you’re thinking of more of a big (or medium) budget video production, take a look at www.Lifetime-Media.com to see some examples of what a professional company could do for you. But if you want something more casual, you could also task someone with using their phone or a simple handheld camera to record certain moments throughout the event.

You don’t have to wait until you have a significant event to record to produce shareable social videos. You can use lots of ideas to create short videos for social media. Some brands choose to share customer testimonials or have their employees record videos. You might have product demonstrations or tutorials, which can provide useful content for your followers. If you have a product that’s more complex, you can create longer videos that go more in-depth. You can get creative and make quirky videos – one of the biggest examples of this is the “Will It Blend?” videos.

Live video is another way to use video on social media. You can do a live broadcast on Facebook, as well as Twitter via Periscope. Live streaming is also available on Instagram, and you can set up a stream on Youtube and share it on social media too. Live video might give you some opportunities to be spontaneous and capture things as they happen, but it’s a good idea to have a solid plan in place before streaming. A live stream could take place at an event, whether it’s a party or a conference. It could also be something like a Q&A session or an interview with someone interesting.

Interactive Content and Conversations

Remember that when you’re posting in social media, you’re trying to get people to engage with your brand. So it’s a good idea to consider interactive content that asks questions or gets people to react to your posts. Some platforms offer easy ways to do this. On Twitter, you can create a poll to ask your followers anything. Another idea is to use live video, and ask people to react in real-time – ask them a question or get them to vote for something.

You can share interactive content that you’ve created on your site too. For example, quizzes like the ones you can find on Buzzfeed and similar sites often perform well.

Content By Others

Sharing content made by other people is a great idea. It can take several different forms, and it helps to break up some of your content. Many social media experts recommend not just posting about yourself all the time. Sharing other people’s content is a good way to forge relationships with other brands. It’s also an interesting way to promote your brand. You can share content created by influencers or just by your regular customers. Having other people vouch for the quality of your products instead of just asking people to trust your word is a great way to get people interested in what you have to offer.

There are plenty of different ways you can share captivating and shareable content on social media. Get creative and come up with lots of fun ideas.

xoxo, Karmen K

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