How I Went From Employee to Entrepreneur


This is my story how I went from employee to entrepreneur. Last year I got fired from my job as a team member from an insurance agency. The crazy thing is I got fired because I was starting my own business!

Before all of that; I felt like I was stuck. My job was all about sales, and if you know sales you know you have to build up the pipeline month after month. And that sh#t gets old real quick!

I especially felt stuck knowing I had to max out my commission just to even afford to live. I believe that base salary should cover basic living expenses. Commission is just icing on the cake. However, in my situation commission was my base salary.

I no longer wanted to help make someone else richer, while I continued to struggle. (side note: In case you didn’t know a lot of insurance agency owners are multi-millionaires). I wanted financial independence, and I desired the freedom of entrepreneurship.

Although I planned my departure; my savings account was in no way prepared, nor did I have any clients for my new business. Going to bed that evening after I got fired was the most sleepless night ever. I kept thinking about how I would fail and be unable to pay my bills.

I had been listening to this inspirational podcast (Optimal Living Daily) around that time for the last 6 months leading up to my termination. Although I did not have a job I would still get out of bed and go somewhere as if I did!

The day after I got fired I went to Starbucks and logged into FreeCodeCamp to practice coding, I sent out emails, made calls, and hustled.

It was getting closer to the weekend, so I made plans to visit my hometown about 4 hours away. I was planning to kick it until Monday or whenever. Hell, I didn’t have a job to get back to so I was in no rush to get back to Atlanta.


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I remember that Sunday morning just kicking it and talking to my mom about what transpired earlier in the week. As we were talking I got a call from a lady I knew about helping an insurance agent whose team member became suddenly ill and needed help ASAP!

I had been literally without a job for 2 days at this point, and I had just landed my first gig for $2000!!!

From that point I continued to get booked over and over again. I never went one day without income!

And as of today, I have been self employed for a total of one year! This is definitely a milestone but even now I know that this is a means to an end.

My goal is to become a full time Brand Designer + Strategist. I’m having the stuck feeling again, and I know when I’m here things begin to happen!

What’s your feeling stuck story?

Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

Brand Designer + Strategist


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