Feeling Down? How To Cope With Entrepreneurial Stress


I know it’s easier said than done, but when life gives you lemons you gotta make that Long Island, girl. Being a new business owner is tough. Especially in the beginning when you’re trying to get those initial sparks to fly.

A lot of things become really discouraging like my Instagram engagement dwindling and comparing myself to others. Waking up to my shitty car doing the most and just being tired from side hustling all night long.

Point. blank. period. – shit is stressful man.

Shit skressful bruh Gucci mane meme

I go through a mini, and sometimes major, anxiety attack at least once per week.

It’s no secret that life is going to hit at the most inconvenient times especially while you’re trying to make moves in the business world. The key is finding ways to cope with that shit.



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Coping mechanisms for when you’re feeling down.

For me, I have to give myself a good ol’ talkin’ to. My guiding principle is that I cannot fix shit that I do not have the means to fix at that moment. This alone has helped me so much. I’m basically saying fuck it because I have bigger damn fish to fry.

If I let the few things agitate me and even give up, how much do I really lose? When I do the math in my head, I figure that I lose a lot more by worrying instead of moving forward.


My second coping mechanism is spreading some positivity to rid myself of that negative shit. So, I do this by grabbing my phone and reading my affirmations. If I don’t have any then I write some. I find it quite crazy how saying some positive shit can change my mood.

The third coping mechanism is realizing what is at the root of my anxiety. I get real bent out of shape when I have to spend money fixing things. The root of my anxiety is MONEY. How do I fix this? Keep working and make better financial decisions. Money problem solved.

I know these coping mechanisms sound too easy to be valuable, but they are short term solutions to short term feelings. Just for an added bonus, here’s some other shit I do to get my head on straight:

  • Splurge on a good meal. What’s better than food to get your mood back up?
  • Going for a run. Hear me out on this – running is awesome for your mental health. Even if you’re not in shape, you will feel so winded that you can’t possibly focus on whatever it was that had you feeling down in the first place.
  • Write something. I’m writing this post in the middle of my dumpy mood right now. I felt like shit prior to this, and I may just have it in me to say fuck it like it never happened.
  • Talk to someone. You’re probably living in your head. If you have someone you can trust then just open your mouth and speak to them. You don’t have to talk about your problem – talk about theirs.

And what happens when these ill feelings resurface? Rinse and repeat. Might I remind you not to get on social media while you de-funk yourself. It might send you back into a tailspin!

Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

Brand Designer + Strategist

I help creative women design poppin' brands and websites that catch the eyes, hearts, and pocketbooks of their ideal clients. Currently, I’m what you call a side hustler working towards the day I can go full metal jacket, don’t need the man’s paycheck, ENTREPRENEUR. My current plan is to quit “The Trap” cold turkey as of January 2019. You being here right now and reading this is just helping me get one step closer to my goal. So thanks a bunch! 


  1. Cjambrika Gillan

    This Is Really Helpful!

    • Karmen K

      Thank you so much for reading! This post was created during a really stressful moment, and I felt it was essential to share.

  2. Andy T

    Somebody else understands!

    • Karmen K

      Glad I could share something relatable!


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