The 2019 Calendar Wallpaper Bundle

Want a beautiful set of 2019 calendars for the months ahead? Download the entire 2019 Calendar Wallpaper Bundle for your desktop, tablet, and phone! The bundle includes a total of 144 calendars with the option of a minimal or pattern background for each month. Both options also include Sun - Sat and Mon - Sun start dates.

Price: $10

Here's What's Included

Your purchase includes:

  • ● 24 Desktop Calendars with Sunday start date
  • ● 24 Desktop Calendars with Monday start date
  • ● 24 Tablet Calendars with Sunday start date
  • ● 24 Tablet Calendars with Monday start date
  • ● 24 Phone Calendars with Sunday start date
  • ● 24 Phone Calendars with Monday start date
  • ● Bonus Gift: Free Weekly Planner




I live by these calendars! I love coming to work on the first day of a new month so I can set my new calendar. I love how different and colorful these calendars are, and how easy they are to download! Thank you!!

Alyssa - @lysbrynn


These backgrounds make me so happy every time I open my computer!

Jessica - @jessica_verie


I downloaded the free january calendar as it was very colorful and pretty to look at. I liked the style a lot, as it is both colorful and simple.

Ida - @idamlar


These calendars are super cute and make me feel a little more organized. I love that I have the calendar on my phone too so I feel more put together. I highly recommend getting them!

Ashley - @ashley_mars


I saw the Free calendar on Pinterest, entered my information, and instantly saw the calendar in my inbox. Very pleased with the experience!!!

Mia - @mia_foremaster


I really love the personalized creative calendar wallpapers for each month! they are super cute and i use them for my phone, work computer and Mac at home. I also like the weekly to do list that was included; i use that to write out my items that I need to remember to complete for the week. Thanks for some great products Karmen!

Chaz'a - @chazabullock


I love the free printable and will add it to my planner!

Chaz'a - @Nathalieplans


It was a smooth trasaction online to purchase my item.

Shrhonda - @thebusinesscollage

Weekly Planner Printable

More Details

Download & Delivery Info:

  • ● These are instant digital downloads.
  • ● No physical product will be shipped.
  • ● After purchase you’ll be able to download instantly
  • ● You will also receive an email to download as well.
  • ● Feel free to download as many times as needed.

***BONUS GIFT: You will also receive a free copy of the Weekly Planner Printable with your purchase.

Price: $10

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