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Sometimes I dread my Sunday nights – It’s Content Planning night (ugh). Instead of resting, I’ve made Sunday my official content planning day for my social media accounts. I’m sure you already know the importance of planning ahead of time, but the problem is what the heck do you plan? No problem – I got you girl! Keep reading to get some content ideas and my cheat sheet freebie 😉.



Where can I find content ideas?

Last week’s post covered how to plan your Instagram content, so I figured you probably needed some content ideas as well. Ideas are all around us and your ideas don’t always have to be brand new. I get inspiration from a variety of places which include Instagram influencers, Pinterest, and even blog comments from other leading influencer blogs. You can even find someone else’s content and talk about it from a complete different angle.

Now I don’t mean straight up copy and paste (because it’s just tacky & unoriginal), but you can take an idea from someone else and revamp it. Did they miss a point?  Or did one of their followers ask a question the original poster couldn’t get back too? Shoot your shot, and make it your own!

[Quick side note: Does anyone remember #oomf (one of my followers), lol maybe it’s still a thing!]

Why do you need content?

Because you can’t post promos and sales all day, everyday on your Instagram. Your social media content should be focused on being valuable and building trust with your following. When I talk to a potential client about their existing business and they say their Insta is dead – usually frequent promo’ing is the culprit!

Like forreal nobody wants to be sold to, but people love buying ish. Don’t take it personal, you just have to get personal with these folks and post stuff they like.



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Here’s 25 plus content ideas to get you started:

1. Post something funny

Seen something that made you laugh and applicable to your industry. Save it and repost it!

2. Introduce yourself

Tell people who you are, what you do, and how you help them. Don’t leave them guessing.

3. Ask a question

Be relevant, please!

4. Share a quote

This is too easy with all the good quotes floating out there.

5. Client testimonial

People trust their peers. Throw a testimonial or three on your timeline to reinforce this.

6. Quick tip/advice

Got a quick tip that can make things easier – SHARE THAT SH#T!

7. Your inspiration

Who or what inspires you?

8. Make a video

Have a good blog post? You can repurpose the content into a short video to share.

9. Share what you’re reading

It can be a blog, book, magazine, or whatever. You never know who this can help.

10. Host a giveaway or contest

Be careful with giveaways since they attract fake pages and temporary followers.

11. Showcase another business

Have a business bestie? Show them off, and more often than not they’ll share you too (more followers!)

12. Weekend Plans

Doing something fun this weekend? Tell your audience and ask your audience the same.

13. Talk about a current event

Is something big happening soon? Talk about it, sis.

14. Thank your followers

Reach a goal like 1K followers? Say thanks!

15. Promote your product or service

This one is all about you – be sure to add a call to action.

16. Share a life hack

Has something made your life easier? Share it and tag me, I might need it too!

17. Request feedback

Did you put out a new blog post recently? Ask your audience what they thought about it. This can spark a whole new convo and even spark new content ideas.

18. Promote a blog post

No easier way to get some traffic to your latest post by telling people it’s there. Be sure to include a link to it in your bio.

19. Share a dope tweet

A lot of those cool memes out there started on Twitter. Go get yourself and account and follow some dope folks, ok?

20. Talk about your why

Everybody’s WHY is to make money (duh), but what about what you do gives you fuel and passion? That’s your why – now talk about it!

21. Drop a selfie

Whatchoo looking like over there sis👀? Drop your best selfie!

22. Post share-worthy content

Did someone post something that really resonated with you? Repost it!

22. Talk about a business challenge

We all have challenges that we’ve overcome – talk about it. You can help the next #girlBOSS

23. Share your meal

Trying something new or dining in at your favorite spot? Nothing brings people together like FOOD!

24. Show off a business tool

There’s so many business tools out here. Some useful, and some not. Share the ones that really make a difference in your biz.

25. Share a sneak peak

Working on something dope? Let people know about it.

26. Post a quick how-to

Those sped-up make-up tuts give me life. It’s amazing what you can learn in 15 secs or less!

27. Share your recent work

This is easy – just post something new from your portfolio

28. Have a Q & A session

You got the keys – help a sister out! Seriously, this is another content idea spark.

29. Share your favorite podcast

If you’re not listening to podcast, you seriously need to find someone in your industry that has one and share it!

PS: Don’t forget about all those wacka-doo holidays like National Coffee Day and National Boyfriend Day! Planning ahead of time for specials and holidays can also help make your social media planning easier too!

Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

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