Use Instagram Analytics To Increase Engagement


Instagram analytics helps business profiles track audience engagement. Engagement is the number of unique accounts that liked, saved, and commented on your post. The best way to get better engagement is knowing your audience. This is where Instagram analytics comes into perspective.

With these analytics you can track your audience using key factors such as gender, age group, and location. You can also review your recent post to determine what type of content your audience likes. But wait – it goes even further with showing you the peak times by day your followers are online.



You can also see how many impressions you received, your reach, profile views, and website clicks in this page.

Brands that take advantage of this feature are able to create better content that suits their audience. This feature also allows brands to deliver their content when their users are most likely to see it. Simply posting at random times and reading best practices is out the window. Now, you can actually determine from your analytics what to post and when to post.


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How To Access Instagram Analytics

To access Instagram Analytics you must be signed up for a business profile. Before you create an Instagram business profile, you have to have a business Facebook page. Luckily this is all pretty simple and can be set up within a matter of minutes. If you need a step-by-step guide; visit Convert your personal Instagram profile to a business profile.

Post content at peak or off-peak times

I actually recommend doing both to test which one works best. Posting at peak times makes sense because you know when your audience is online. However, posting at an off-peak time means less accounts competing for your follower’s attention.

I made the mistake of posting at 8am EST, not realizing my east coast followers were getting ready for work while the west coast were still snoozing. Based on my analytics, I get the best engagement around noon.

Create content based on previous post

The “Posts” section of Instagram Analytics helps you determine what type of post perform best. Create new content based on post with low of engagement. My post with the most engagement are quotes, audience feedback, and business advice.

Talk to your target audience

Instagram analytics shows what types of users are most engaged with your post. This is tremendous when you are building your brand. Based on your follower demographics, you can create content based on your audience’s taste.

Want a more detailed look into Instagram Analytics? I recommend checking out the blog post over at Buffer; The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics: Metrics, Insights, Tools, and Tips

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