27 Instagram Tips To Increase Your Engagement


01. Post consistently

Seems like a no-brainer, but you can’t post when you feel like it. You have to create consistent posting schedule. Even once per day at the same time is cool.

02. Test posting at different times

Use Instagram Analytics to see the peak times your followers are online. However, you should try posting at different times like 9am, 2pm, 12am, etc to see what time gets the most engagement. For me, 11:45pm has been litty.

03. Add a location to your post and stories

I use to think adding your location was a cornball move, but it really helps! For example, grammers that add their location to their story will often show up in the stories for that location and get more views. I’ve done this several times and have seen dramatic engagement and even new followers.

04. Make a story about your latest post

Since stories are out, few people are scrolling timelines. They’re going right to stories.Take a screenshot of your feed, and cover your latest post with a sticker from stories. Tell everyone to go check it out by adding some text.

05. Link directly to your business account from your personal account

I use one account for personal and business, but some people have two accounts for both. Most people will put add “Follow my personal page @namegoeshere” in the bio section, but it doesn’t provide a link when you do it this way. Instead, you can go to “Edit Profile” and add the following link “https://instagram.com/yourinstagramname” in the place for the website. This will allow your followers to directly visit your personal or business account without having to search for it.

06. Use the swipe up feature on stories to post a link

If you have an Instagram business account with at least 10K followers you can add links to your Insta-Stories. This is great way to drive traffic to a product, blog post, or any other call-to-action. Visit Social Media Examiner for a full how-to.

07. Reply to ALL comments

You’ve probably seen celebs and influencers ignore comments but this is not the way to go! Replying back to your comments builds rapport with your audience and grows your engagement with Instagram.

08. Accept DMs and turn on your notifications

A lot of users have implemented a “NO DM” policy. I don’t believe in this and I think you SHOULD accept DMs. The direct message feature makes it easier for potential clients to chat with you. So why wouldn’t you use a feature that drive more leads?

09. Follow people in your industry and talk to them

Don’t be afraid of a little competition. Personally, I love following fellow graphic and web designers for inspiration and learning better business practices.

10. Save post you really like

See something you like and want to save it for future reference? Use the bookmark icon on a post to view it again later.

11. Use line breaks for long captions

So I just discovered this myself, but the return key for iPhone users is hiding under the 123 section on your keyboard. Using line breaks is a great way to break up text if you’re posting a long caption.

12. Creep on airplane mode

This may or may not be a business tip but you can creep and stalk an Instagram profile without accidentally liking anything! Make sure you load Instagram and the account first, then turn on airplane mode while you lurk. Even if you hit like, it won’t go through because you’re not connected to the internet!

13. Use the Analytics feature

Another plus for having an Instagram business account is the ability to view your post analytics. You can see the percentage male to female followers, age groups, peak times your followers are online, and so much more.

14. Use 30 hashtags in every post

Some people disagree with this tip but using 30 hashtags related to your post and business can help you end up in the top results for a particular hashtag. Don’t be general, but use specific niche hashtags to potentially grow your audience with new followers.

15. Put your hashtags in the caption not the comments

A few months ago I did A/B testing of putting hashtags in the caption vs the comments. My post begin receiving likes within seconds when I put my hashtags in the caption. I encourage you to try both to see which way works best for you.SaveSave



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16. Don’t use auto-posters or buy followers/likes

I know you want to automate your gram and have a lot of followers but let’s keep it 100. Instagram frowns upon this and will seriously shadow-ban your account until no one can see your post (even your real followers). Post good content, be patient, and your following will grow.

17. Include a CTA in every post

A call-to-action isn’t always a call to buy something or do anything. A CTA can just be requesting your followers feedback on something which encourages comments. Don’t forget that have a large following is great but you also want an engaged following. Including a CTA is a great way to get your engagement factor LIT!

18. Have a theme

When you visit someone’s profile, you can see their entire feed at once. Accounts that have a general theme are more likely to get followed. Feeds with random photos can come off as confusing and unattractive to your prospective follower.

19. Separate business and personal accounts

If your personal life and business are dramatically different then you will likely benefit in keeping the two separate with 2 different profiles.

20. Use InstaStories

A lot of users are abandoning their timelines and jumping right into InstaStories. The SnapChat like feature of Instagram is gaining more popularity, and you can even use stories to promote your content and talk to your audience directly via video.

21. Be social

The goal of social media is to be social. Leave meaningful comments on posts you like, respond to other user’s stories, and follow interesting profiles.

22. Show love

A quick way to get more followers is lighting up someone’s notifications with likes. They can’t help but to check you out, and most likely follow you if your profile is interesting.

23. Update your bio

The anatomy of a great bio includes who you are, what you do, what someone will gain by following you, and how to contact you.

24. Use a linkpage

Since Instagram offers limited ways to add links, you can use a link page on your website or an app like LinkTree to include links to key content, products, and services. Add your link page URL to the website area of your bio. This will allow users to quickly find your offerings, and the eliminate the need to frequently change your website link.

25. Take photos without posting them right away

Do you have a great view, a delicious plate of food, or rocking a dope fit? Snap a pic of whatever it is, and plan to use it later.

26. Plan your post ahead of time

Piggy-backing off my last tip; you can use your saved photos to help you plan your posts ahead of time. A good rule of thumb is to plan at least 7 days in advance, so in the event anything happens you can still post consistently. I use the app called Planoly to get ahead of the curve.

27. Your earbuds have more uses than just music

Did you know you can use the volume up button on your earbuds to snap a photo? Well you can, and this will save you from that awkward hand move when trying to hold your phone and snap the perfect selfie!

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have some tips you would like to share? Leave a comment and let me know.

Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

Brand Designer + Strategist

I help creative women design poppin' brands and websites that catch the eyes, hearts, and pocketbooks of their ideal clients. Currently, I’m what you call a side hustler working towards the day I can go full metal jacket, don’t need the man’s paycheck, ENTREPRENEUR. My current plan is to quit “The Trap” cold turkey as of January 2019. You being here right now and reading this is just helping me get one step closer to my goal. So thanks a bunch! 


  1. Melva Lockett

    Great blog!!! It just confirmed a lot for me

    • Karmen K

      Thank you!!!! I’m so glad to finally get it all out in one place.

  2. Ashtyn

    Definitely needed this post! I’m working on planning posts ahead of time and developing a theme. Just getting back into posting regularly on IG so I’m happy to have found this!

    • Karmen K

      Using the App Planoly has helped me visually plan my Instagram and in advance. Here’s the link to Planoly: https://goo.gl/Uyu2hg


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