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If you’re anything like me then you probably hate planning your content for Instagram. I mean I dread it every Sunday, like what am I going to say? Planning your IG is hard work my G! But I’m going to show how to put an end to all of that with a better planning tool. Now I wasn’t paid to say nice things, but I will share products and services I believe in and know that can help the next #girlBoss win, alright?



About a month ago I was watching Instagram stories and saw one of followers using Planoly. I was immediately intrigued because you could see all of your current and future planned posts in a beautiful grid layout. It was like Instagram but not Instagram and I could move photos around and find the perfect placement for my feed.

At that time I was using Buffer #NOSHADE, but Planoly looked way cooler and more visual for the particular anal designer like me. So what the heck is Planoly? I’m sure you’ve heard about social media schedulers that allow you to pre-plan your content and either post for you or notify you to post at the scheduled time.

Planoly is much more than a scheduler. It’s also a visual management platform that allows you to creatively and strategically plan your Instagram feed.

My favorite features are:

  • Plan and rearrange images with the drag and drop feature.
  • The ability to use placeholders
  • Draft and edit captions
  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Calendar view to see past and scheduled posts
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Metrics: view likes & comment engagement



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Is Planoly ok to use with Instagram?

Planoly is 100% cool to use with Instagram because it DOES NOT automatically post for you. And if you are using any app that is posting automatically for you then you are in serious violation of Instagram terms. Not only are you in violation of terms but Instagram also knows this and will decrease your engagement.

Trust me, it’s really a thing after trying this for myself. I can’t remember the app I was using but I totally noticed how I wouldn’t get any likes or comments when I posted from the app vs posting in real time from Instagram.

The upside to all of this is that you SHOULD be posting in real time. Planoly sends you a notification at your scheduled time and copies your content from their app to Instagram. This is NOT in violation of Instagram terms, and is such a convenience to have your image and caption all in one place.

How do I plan my Instagram content?

I start with a theme based on my brand style. I like to alternate between images and text based quotes and tips. My color scheme is very important to me.

With Planoly, I am able to maintain cohesiveness by planning posts based on my color scheme and the content I am promoting. I always check ahead and use placeholders for upcoming blog post and holidays. Posting relevant images on holidays or special days will definitely give you brownie points with your following.

You should focus on creating a feed that inspires your audience to connect with you and even look forward to your next post. Be yourself, be engaging, and be helpful to your followers.

My last point is Planoly helps reinforce consistency throughout your brand on social media. Planning ahead and staying consistent with regular posting also helps build trust with your audience. Building trust is a MUST these days when you’re trying to get closer to your audience heart and pocketbooks.

Interested in trying Planoly? You can sign-up using my link;

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Karmen Kendrick

Karmen Kendrick

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