The Art of Optimising Your Blog Posts


by | Jun 1, 2018

The Art of Optimising Your Blog Posts

For most people, the whole point of running a blog is getting as many people to read it as possible. But if you are not visible on search engines, you are going to have a very hard time finding the audience that you are looking for. This is where search engine optimisation comes in. Even if you don’t understand it in great deal, it is important that you at least know the basics to give your content the best chance of being read.

There are all sorts of companies out there these days which offer SEO services, and these can often be very beneficial to bloggers. However, in this blog post, we are going to offer you a few pointers which will hopefully steer you on the right path when it comes to optimising your blog posts.

Do Your Research

Before you sit down to write a blog, it is important that you consider closely who your readers are going to be and why it will interest them. Once you have decided on your topic, it is a good idea to start doing some keyword research. Obviously, you still want to write your posts in a natural way and you don’t want to make it seem as if you have purposely stuffed your content full of keywords and phrases. But if you use them in a way which flows with the rest of the post, they can help you out in your quest to climb up the rankings. Tools like Google Adwords can be invaluable when you are doing this.

When you are putting keywords into the blog, the places that you position them can make a big difference. Prominent positions tend to work best such as the title, subheadings, and the opening and concluding paragraphs. And it tends to work best if your choose one or two keywords and phrases rather than trying to target too many which can detract from the overall effect.

Optimise Your Images

The other integral part of every blog post is the images. There is no point taking the time to optimise all the content if you are not doing the same with your pictures as well. Make sure that you aren’t using images which are too big as these will take a long time to load and may slow down your blog page. Whenever you upload a new image to your blog page, make sure to include keywords in the in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a keyword-rich description as well.

Reference Others with Links

Every blog post that you put up should have at least a couple of outbound links when you are referencing particular products, businesses, blogs or simply want to back up a point that you are making. Not only is this good blogging etiquette, you can encourage others to do the same to your website. And search engines tend to view blogs with outbound links more favourably as well. Certainly one of the most valuable things to do to move your blog up the rankings is get links back to your site from a wide range of credible sources. You should also link internally to at least one of your other posts.

Give Readers the Opportunity to Subscribe

One of the most challenging parts of running a blog is getting your readers to return time and time again. Most people log onto a blog page once, get the information that they are looking for and don’t return. One of the best ways of dealing with this is giving reader the opportunity to subscribe to your blog. Collecting their email address or being permitted to send them notifications will give your followers a nudge to keep coming back. You can help to show that your blog is an interesting and worthwhile source of information by displaying your most popular posts on the homepage.

Use Social Media to Broaden Your Reach

The other main way that you are going to get people coming back to your blog page is by linking it closely with your social media accounts. Whenever you post something new, you should make sure to shout about is as much as possible. As well as this, you should also be looking to engage with your followers and start interesting conversations. You need to make sure that you keep posting regular updates to keep your subscribers happy.

Make Sure That Your Blog is Mobile-Friendly

As more and more people are accessing the internet using their smartphones, it is important that you have a blog page which has been optimised for these users. Responsive design is something which has become standard for many modern websites, but if you have been running your blog for some time, you may have fallen behind a little bit. Whenever you make any changes to your blog, make sure to test them thoroughly to check what sort of impact they have had.

Analyse the Performance of Your Blog

You are never going to be able to make improvements to your blog unless you are taking the time to analyse it on a regular basis. Make sure that you use all the appropriate tools such as Google Analytics to check out where your blog traffic is coming from, how long they are staying on the site and other key facts. Once you are able to see what is going well, you will be able to take steps to do more of this.

Whether you are running a personal blog or one which is part of your business, you need to make sure that all your posts are properly optimised. This is one of the main ways that you are going to get people coming back time and time again. Hopefully, the advice listed in this article will help you out in this area and give you some of the tools that you need to enjoy more success in the future.

xoxo, Karmen K

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